is a quartet project with a long history that’s been reactivated in recognition of the centennial year (2017) of the birth of composer & pianist Thelonious Sphere Monk.  The project gradually accumulated through occasions here & there that asked for arrangements of Monk compositions,  Each presented an opportunity to compositionally run with some of the windows shining through some of Monk’s brilliantly cornered sonic constructs to find something else — not exactly what Monk would have done, but saturated in nevertheless (& extended from) Monk’s own distinctive soundlogic.

The current version of Remonkability includes:

patrick brennan — arrangements/recompositions & saxophone
Hilliard Greene — bass viol
Brian Groder — trumpet & fluegelhorn
Michael “T A” Thompson — soundrhythium

Below are excerpts from the initiatory performance of this new edition of ReMonkability for Monk’s 99th birthday, October 10, 2016, at Quinn’s in Beacon, N.Y. (& for interested musicians, accompanying links to the scores).

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Criss Cross Score Link

Straight No Chaser Score Link

Evidence Score Link

Bemsha Swing Score Link

Monk's Mood Score Link

Played Twice Sxore Link

A note can be small as a pin
or as big as the world,
it depends on your imagination.

— Thelonious Monk



 Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson
October 6, 2016
with patrick brennan
about ReMonkability
begins at 63:55