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patrick brennan coordinates ensembles, composes & plays the alto saxophone.  He’s pursued a contrarian and independent musical path for over 3 decades in pursuit of those yet unheard somethings just around the corner.

patrick brennan

His sonic openings under pressure project (from 1979) hinges on the expanding possibilities of rhythm section language and, through coding polyrhythmic formations into thematic materials, tilts the musical thinking of an entire ensemble closer to the sophistication of the drum, using flexibly jointed, multidirectional, extended interfaces.  With Najib Soudani & Nirankar Khalsa, he formed and recorded the Sudani Project, an intersection of Gnawa, jazz and blues sounds and processes, in 1999. rōnin phasing compresses polyphonic / polyrhythmic orchestral conceptions into the single voice of an alto saxophone. brennan’s recorded a number of albums with his own ensembles (more at  and writes about visual art and music for Arteidolia.

A superior musical endeavor featuring a rare musical vision performed at the highest level.

AllAbout Jazz New York

patrickb (at) transparency kestra (dot) org

His compositions are fresh and quite original. patrick brennan’s a first class saxophonist and composer, and his trio is one of the most interesting I’ve heard in some time.



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